Excursion images

Neptune’s Grotto. One of the most popular places to visit on the island of Sardinia.

Organ pipes and cathedral columns are amongst the weird shapes in the Grotta di Nettuno.

Although Neptune’s Grotto is situated at sea level the main cave contains a large freshwater lagoon.

Escala del Cabirol or literally “Goat Steps”. 656 stone steps lead down to the Grotto entrance.

The steps down to the Grotto from the top of Capo Caccia were first hewn out of the cliff side in 1954.

The Nuraghic complex of Nuraghe di Palmavera is located between Fertilia and Porto Conte.

Capanna delle Riunioni is the name of the largest hut and thought to be the village meeting place.

At the centre of the Nuraghe di Palmavera complex is a palace dating back to the 1300s BC.

The tholos or beehive construction of the central tower can be seen from inside the main chamber.

Situated near Alghero airport at Fertilia, Anghelu Ruju is a necropolis dating to the Late Neolithic.

Discovered in 1903 after a Sardinian winery bought the site, excavation continued until 1967.

Anghelu Ruju consists of 37 burial chambers decorated with carvings of bulls heads, circles and crescents.