Day trip images

Situated near Stintino at Capo Falcone, La Pelosa is one of the premier beaches in Sardinia.

The warm, blue waters at La Pelosa are ideal for swimming and bring the crowds flocking in summer.

Beyond Capo Falcone are the islands of Piana and Asinara which can both be visited by boat trip.

Bosa is located in the Sardinian province of Oristano (until 2005 it was part of Nuoro province).

The town is quieter than Alghero, to the north, and makes for a relaxing day trip.

The Temo is the only navigable river in Sardinia and leads to the resort extension at Bosa Marina.

Bosa is ringed by mountains and sea and these contribute to the isolationist atmosphere of the town.

The coast between Alghero and Bosa boasts a number of secluded coves and sandy beaches.

The beach at La Speranza is about 8 km south of Alghero. Facilities include a snackbar and restaurant.

Time stands still at Argentiera. Once the biggest producer of silver in Sardinia, production ceased in 1963.

There is still some housing in the town and a couple of restaurants serve summer tourist trade.

Argentiera town beach, if somewhat grey, is a good place for bathing and has crystal clear waters.