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Name: Ann & Eugene

Location: Ireland

Date of Holiday: Oct 10

Fantastic location. Just so nice to relax in the beautiful restaurants overloooking the sea in the old town. We hired a scooter and travelled around to see the local sights – just brillant with amazing scenery. Going back in 2012 to get married!

Name: Colin

Location: Wexford, Ireland

Date of Holiday: Sep 10

Heading back to Alghero again in September. Stayed in Carlos V in ’08, and in Picale Residence in ’10. Nice beaches, great food, superb wine all make this a geat town to visit. With the airport so close, it becomes even more attractive with kids (we had none in 08, one in ’10, and now two in ’12). Everything is so close and accessible. We went to the Grotta di Nettuno Caves in 08, when it was raining. We drove and yes, I’d imagine those steps are a challenge if your level of fitness is low, or the weather is hot. Can’t wait to head back; we just booked our flights this evening.

Name: Chris

Location: Ireland

Date of Holiday: Jun 09

Good spot, not too over run. Recommend going out on the Andrea Jensen boat trip, expensive but worth it – class. Stay out of the Jamaica Inn, food is crap and staff are ignorant. Restaurants are cheaper outside the old town.

Name: Maria

Location: Teeside

Date of Holiday: Jun 08

I stayed in Alghero old town in an apartment in via Roma. The atmosphere of the old town was brilliant and we shopped in the market for fresh local produce which was cheaper than eating out as there were 6 of us and couple had fussy palates, it was easier to do this. The beaches were close by and there was a craft fair on in the second week which was brilliant. Neptune Grotto well worth visiting. This was the second year running of visiting Alghero and would go back – wonderful!

Name: William

Location: Leeds

Date of Holiday: Aug 08

The La Playa Hotel was an oasis of bliss. When we dined out the food was not as good. The Bella Napoli restaurant in the old town was dreadful. The worst lasagna I’ve ever tasted.

Name: Allison

Location: Suffolk

Date of Holiday: Jun 08

If you are anything other than an Olympic Triathlon gold medal winner, do not attempt the walk down to the Caves of Neptune unless accompanied by a medic. In 36 degree heat, the descent is quite pleasant – the ascent, however would give Sir Edmund Hilary a run for his money. An elderly man was actually lying down half way up. I thought he may have to be airlifted to safety, but I think he got away with just a bilateral knee replacement. Sardinia is fantastic. Drink wine, eat nice fish, swim in the turquoise sea. Relax – and take the boat to the caves, whatever you do…

Name: Andy

Location: Suffolk

Date of Holiday: Aug 07

We spent a week in Alghero, staying at the Hotel Angedras – and enjoyed it greatly. The town has plenty of restaurants and there are great views across the harbour. We drove out to several local beaches and up into the nearby hills. Driving is fairly carefree out of town, if a little nerve-wracking in town (it’s OK once you get used to it!) I’d agree with the Val’s comments re the poor horses pulling the carriages around the town – that really should be stopped.

Name: Val

Location: Stockport

Date of Holiday: Sep 07

Alghero itself was terrific. Not too touristy or over developed. The majority of people we met were friendly and helpful. The markets are great. The aquarium, however, is a disgrace. I have never previously witnessed such total disregard for animal welfare. The town should be ashamed to allow this establishment – it should be closed and the animals released if appropriate or removed to decent conditions if not. The welfare of the horses pulling the carriages on the trips around the old town also gives me serious cause for concern.

Name: Karolina

Location: N/A

Date of Holiday: Mar 07

Hi there – I have been traveling through Italy and spent the month of March in Alghero with cousins of cousins – I am half Italian and one quarter Sardinian. They encouraged me to enroll with the Pintadera language school which was an excellent idea. Within one month, I was able to communicate! The school is run by two warm, helpful women and their staff of professional, competent and enthusiastic teachers which make learning lots of fun. I highly recommend Pintadera!! And Alghero!!!

Name: Annie

Location: Surrey

Date of Holiday: Sep 06

Alghero is a good base to stay in Sardinia, an attractive lively resort with some lovely beaches nearby and easy access by car to areas farther a-field (as unlike many other parts of Sardinia, the NW is fairly flat). We visited in mid September, so the beaches in general were not too crowded, and there were so many to choose from nearby. An exception to this is the renowned “La Pelosa” beach at Stintino (just over one hours drive from Alghero). The beautiful turquoise sea and white sand are undoubtedly exceptional, however only go if you don’t mind lying a few centimetres away from your neighbours as the beach is fairly small (and very popular). There are good facilities next to this beach (toilets, showers) for a few euros.

Unfortunately there was an influx of jelly-fish in all the beaches we visited, so we couldn’t do much swimming or snorkelling (shame as the sea was so clear). We’ve since read that this was a common problem in many countries this year (due to global warming, over-fishing etc.) so not specific to NW Sardinia. Highly recommended is the spectacular Neptune’s Grotto, caves just north of Alghero. The vast stalactites and stalagmites are simply amazing. In calm weather there’s a boat that takes visitors directly to the entrance (where you get out and walk around the caves on a tour), however this is quite expensive. The alternative is to park at the top of the cliff and walk down 600 steps. The walk itself is a fantastic experience, not as bad as it sounds!

In my opinion there is a good choice of bars and restaurants in Alghero, mostly in the scenic “Old Town”. The sunsets over the sea are very atmospheric. Not sure what it’s like to stay directly in the centre, as we stayed in a villa just outside Alghero. The stars and Milky Way seen from the villa were beautiful!