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Alghero Sardinia Guide

This guide to Alghero provides an overview of the historic old town and marina including places of interest to visit. An aerial map is provided to assist with orientation.

To help plan a trip there are suggestions on travelling to Alghero, tourist information for the city and year round weather charts. A review of the many restaurants and bars in the old town and a brief history complete the guide.

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Alghero Sardinia Guide Old Town A guide to the compact streets of Alghero old town. Visitors can stroll along the city walls and enjoy the views towards Cappo Caccia or sample the many historic buildings in the centre.

The stone alleyways behind the Cathedral draw many tourists with a mixture of shops, bars and restaurants.

Alghero Sardinia Getting There Getting There Several UK airlines operate regular services to Alghero airport and this guide is intended to help those planning a visit to the town by air.

Flight details comprise of UK departure airport, flight time and service frequency. Airport information covers car hire companies, parking and transfers to the city centre.

Alghero Sardinia Information Information Practical information and help for holidaymakers arriving into Alghero.

This includes a map of the town, details of the main tourist office in the city, transfer advice and tips on car hire collection and parking.

Alghero Weather Weather Getting accurate weather information plays an important part in the planning process for most holidays.

These average monthly weather charts show the maximum and minimum temperatures, rainfall and sunshine hours and should help in deciding which time of year is best for a visit to Alghero.

Alghero Sardinia Restaurants Restaurants Alghero's dual role as tourist centre and fishing port means that seafood features prominently in the many restaurants of the old town.

Diners are well catered for in the town with a wide range of restaurants serving both Sardinian and Italian cuisine.

Alghero Sardinia Bars Bars A guide to the bars and cafes of Alghero.

Whether it's coffee or cocktails, the range of drinking establishments available in the town should be enough to satisfy most needs.

Alghero Sardinia History History A short history of Alghero from prehistoric times until the present post-war tourism era.

The town was founded by the Dorian family from Genoa at the start of the 12th century. Subsequent complete control by the Argonese and mass migration from Spain gave the town its distinctive Catalan influence.


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