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Alghero Day Trips

Day Trips from Alghero

Not only is the town of Alghero an attractive place to visit in its own right, but it provides easy access to a number of destinations in north west Sardinia that are ideal for part or whole day trips.

What's more, the variety of excursions on offer is impressive. These are led by the spectactular coastal sea caves of Grotta di Nettuno located at Capo Caccia (literally meaning head hunter).

Bosa, Stintino and Argentiera are inviting places for very different reasons. Bosa is a tranquil provincal town, Stintino acts as gateway to the pristine beaches of La Pelosa and Argentiera is an abandoned mining outpost.

Those with an interest in prehistoric sites are catered for at Nuraghe di Palmavera and Anghelu Ruju.

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Neptune's Grotto Sardinia Review 1. Grotta di Nettuno Grotta di Nettuno or Neptune's Grotto is one of the most popular excursions from Alghero.

This spectacular series of connected sea caves are located underneath the Cappo Caccia headland. It can be reached either by car (and an impressive set of 656 steps) or by boat trip from the marina.

Bosa Sardinia Review 2. Bosa Situated on the banks of the River Temo, under one hours drive south of Alghero, the relaxing town of Bosa has avoided mass tourism due to its secluded position ringed by mountains and sea.

At the mouth of the river, some 3 km away, Bosa Marina is the beach resort extension of the town.

Stintino Sardinia Review 3. Sintino At the extreme north western tip of Sardinia is the small resort town of Stintino and the beach at La Pelosa.

With its fine white sand and warm shallow turquoise waters that stretch across the short strait to the Island of Piana, La Pelosa ranks as one of the most popular beaches in Sardinia.

Argentiera Sardinia Review 4. Argentiera The town of Argentiera has been the main site of silver mining in Sardinia since Roman times. Closed down in 1963, little has changed to this day and the old mine buildings create an eerie atmosphere of decay.

Today the town receives the curious and those in search of the fine beaches and crystal clear waters of the area.

Nuraghe di Palmavera Sardinia Review 5. Nuraghe di Palmavera The archaeological site of Nuraghe di Palmavera is one of the most important Nuraghic excavations in Sardinia.

Situated some 10 km from Alghero, the centre of the site is dominated by the ruins of a palace which is surrounded by the remains of fifty circular dwellings.

Anghelu Ruju Sardinia Review 5. Anghelu Ruju Anghelu Ruju is the oldest prehistoric site near Alghero and dates back to the Ozieri Culture of the Late Neolithic (3300 BC).

The excavations are conveniently set just outside the airport at Fertilia and consist of a necropolis made up of thirty seven burial tombs.


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