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Argentiera Sardinia

Argentiera Sardinia Review

Located halfway between Stintino and Alghero is the abandoned coastal mining town of Argentiera, a ghost-like place standing on one of the wildest sections of Sardinia's coast.

The silver mine at Argentiera dates back to the Roman era and was once the largest Sardinian producer of this precious metal.


It was as recently as 1963 that the seams were finally exhausted and production at the mine ceased. Apart from fencing off some of the more unstable buildings nothing has really been touched since the closure. Shafts and workings, administration buildings, miner's quarters and chapel all stand in an empty, eerie silence like something from the old wild-west.
Argentiera Town Sardinia Argentiera Sardinia Argentiera Beach Sardinia
Not everyone, however, has packed up and moved on and some of the housing at the top of the town is still occupied. In the summer a couple of restaurants and a bar serve food and drink to visitors most of whom visit Argentiera for the good bathing.


Immediately beyond the mine it is possible to drive down to a large cove that contains two shingle beaches. Although the shingle itself is rather grey in colour, this sheltered spot is a favourite with bathers and the tranquil, crystal-clear water is excellent for swimming. The rocks at either end of the cove also provide ample opportunities for snorkeling. A small snack bar can be found on the further of the two beaches.

Some three kilometers before Argentiera, just as the road veers away from the shore, there is another popular spot for beach aficionados with a similar small shingle cove located immediately beyond a campsite. Parking is available in the camp next to a boat park and there's also a restaurant/pizzeria for refreshments.


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